You Won’t Believe What Kind Of Group This Is

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do you do if you feel that you’re not giving enough to the group, as though you’ve exhausted your strength?

Answer: Indeed, strength does run out, decreasing with every moment. And it’s good when you feel that your strength is running out. Typically we don’t even realize it is happening, but simply relax and fall asleep, losing our desire. And it’s only because we don’t care about our awakening. We must help one another since that is the only way to wake up!

If you don’t invest in others so that they care about you, you will not receive the strength. And it doesn’t matter what level the environment is at or what they do. The key is for you to start acting and investing in them, and you will see the result. You won’t even believe how much this group and the friends can give to you. Everything depends on the investment of the individual and his sensitivity.

And if you invest in the group, you will suddenly discover that they have also awakened and are acting toward you. Even if you hadn’t noticed it before, you will now, thanks to your investment. And this is called the mutual guarantee.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/4/2011, Shamati #17

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  1. Thank you. This answers a question I had! 🙂

  2. with all do repect, sir, you speak of the round table, but the picture shows a difference, in the chairs. how is this clarified because this is the kind of thing that will be nitpicked to the world kli’s detriment.

  3. I currently reside in Oklahoma City and have visited the St. Louis learning center several times finding the experience of connectedness an opportunity for growth. Today, my connectedness with the group is maintained only via the net by viewing the daily lessons and ‘attending’ on-line classes. There is a feeling of lack and desire on my part a good portion of the time as I feel no personal investment in a local learning situation. I understand the importance of group interaction and the growth opportunity that it affords. My question is this: when one comes to the realization that he can only learn and advance from the benefits of group involvement, should he then consider physical relocation?

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