The Soul’s Realization: To Learn And To Teach

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur body consists of different parts, which are made and operate differently. When we look at them individually, it is difficult to understand how kidneys, lungs, the heart, liver, brain, the five senses, memory, and the digestive tract are connected with one another.

They are completely different, and the main thing here is the common program, which connects them into one and sets the speed and the function for every part, establishes the right connections between them and allows them to work together in a single harmony.

The program that combines all the parts of the body is called “life.” It creates the higher level—our human consciousness.

We need to interact with one another according to the same principle. There are different groups and different people, and while every person keeps his characteristics, the interconnection must take place above our individuality. We want to reveal the universal program, which will unite us into one. This way we will reveal the Light of Infinity, which begets, supports, and connects us. The perception of this program is the revelation of the Creator.

Besides our animate body, we feel that there is a person living in us—a higher degree. The same way, when we unite with one another, we reveal the program of our interconnection on a higher level, which is the revelation of the Creator to the creature.

And even though we receive a strong impulse toward this during conventions, we can do enormous unity work in groups and between groups during the breaks between conventions in order to bring this message, this example to the world. After all, the world is already beginning to experience this need to understand the current situation.

The Creator becomes revealed between us in the dark. He uses it to show us that we lack Him so we would direct ourselves towards Him. We cannot correct our lives otherwise. He evokes this in us through the crisis and the feeling of helplessness, through different unpleasant sensations. Otherwise, how can we, egoists, aspire towards Him? We will not be able to reveal Him artificially, without really needing Him.

Day by day, the world is becoming submerged in darkness and confusion, losing hope and strength, and losing orientation even in the mundane activities. This becomes reflected upon the lives of regular people, causing the feeling of lack to gradually mature in them. At first they do not know what exactly it is that they lack, but then they realize that they need confidence in tomorrow, hope for the future, a guarantee about things they need in regular life today.

These are not philosophical revelations or intellectual theoretical developments. These are not things that become revealed to us, people with a point in the heart, above our regular lives. We have a special search, one inherent to Galgalta ve-Eynaim, the vessels of bestowal, those who want to penetrate the essence of the program that connects us, to feel the net of our interconnection, and to attain the laws that operate between us. But not everyone aspires towards this.

A regular person only needs to understand how he participates in the process out of his need for food, to educate his children, to have a pension, health and safety, and to pay his bills…. That is how he becomes included in the big program, differently from us. He needs simple, familiar things: making a living, having television at home, visiting familiar websites, having and raising children….

These people will continue to live the exact same way on the spiritual stage of their development, but with the intention to participate in the common business together with everyone else. Otherwise, they will not be able to provide for themselves. The cells in the body operate the same way, receiving a program from the brain.

We must explain what is happening to the people and teach them the specifics of behavior in the new world, while developing and studying it among us. This is why every one of us must understand the responsibility he is carrying. Practically, this is the realization of his soul.
From the 7th lesson at the Toronto Convention 9/18/11

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