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Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have reached a point where we have completed building the global and integral egoistic system of connections. We have tied everything together as much as possible, all banks and trade; we have come full circle. Clearly these actions were driven by egoistic motivations and pressure from suffering: the desire for money, honor, and power.

Just as we have completed this global and integral egoistic system, it began experiencing breakdowns. These breakdowns evoke a sense of crisis within us. Now our actions must correspond to the method of Kabbalah and we must try to correct the relations between us as well as the way we relate to the world.

On the account of these trials we raise MAN (prayer), and the Light that Reforms becomes revealed. It creates transformations within each person’s individual egoism and changes the way he relates to others. The Light brings us into correspondence with the conditions that are being revealed to us in this global network so that we would become better suited for it.

Each time this network will reveal itself as more integral and global in the context of bestowal to one another, and each time we’ll have to work harder to influence the force from Above, which corrects us in accordance to the global network.

The force of bestowal will constantly reveal itself between us, and each one of us will have to make sure to bring himself or herself in accordance with it. First the Creator reveals the force of bestowal on His end, and then it’s up to us to change ourselves accordingly.

However, if the revelation of this network isn’t accompanied by our independent advancement, we sense it as a crisis. The situation will only worsen, up to the point where we won’t be able to trade and profit from one another, which is something that we depend on. It can get to a point where we won’t be able to sustain ourselves and then we’ll be forced to search for a solution.

All this needs to be explained from a Kabbalistic point of view because people won’t be able to solve this on their own. In this type of situation the only solution is war. In order to know something and to begin to operate correctly, we need to make at least a minimal amount of positive inner changes that will be in concord with the global network.

This is why Kabbalists, who view this situation from Above, must advise us on our actions. It was always this way, even with prophets and Kabbalists of all times and of all levels.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. If in this type of situation the only solution is war, what will it solve? People of today, ordinary people, except some political leaders and army generals don’t believe in wars as a solution. Ordinary people oppose wars, even in this country (Australia) most of the population doesn’t wont our soldiers involved in any wars contrary to our leaders decisions. So maybe the ordinary people are ready to hear what the Kabbalists have to say in regards to solution to the current and future problems. The governments don’t seem to have any solutions in regards to the global crisis. The biggest question is how to approach them without hurting their egos and pride. After all everyone wants to become the savior and peace keeper of the world, like America has been portraying her self since the 2nd world war!!

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