You Won’t Succeed Alone

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday we are living in special times: The world has reached the state when all of mankind feels as if we’re all in one boat. It provides excellent opportunities for everyone to finally start living the common law of nature—the law of mutual guarantee.

A global, integral crisis has overtaken the world. This means that we  are all in the same “boat,” one “ship,” at the bottom of which everyone is “drilling a hole” and doesn’t care about anyone else. And indeed, nobody will get ahold of themselves unless we all get together now and start supporting each other.

This is what we call mutual guarantee. I become everybody’s guarantor, meaning that they will not break this law. And every one of them, in turn, signs for everybody else, including me. And then, I find within myself the courage not to hurt another, not to “drill a hole in the boat.”

If in this way, we come to this common law of nature, we’ll definitely feel that we lack nothing. After all, you are equivalent to nature, so what can be better than that? You will feel happy and healthy and completely secure. No one will dare to approach your country’s borders and claim the right to it.

And all of this is thanks to the fact that you are equivalent to the laws that are dictated to us from Above. And all these laws come down to one, “love your neighbor as you love yourself,” the law of mutual guarantee that helps us reach such a relationship.
From the Lesson on Weekly Torah Portion 8/19/2011

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