Why Are “The Russians Not In The Tents”?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You are a Russian native and don’t speak out on why your countrymen do not take part in the protests which, in fact, you show great interest in?

Answer: “Russians” are smart and do not want to participate in the clearly aimless actions. After all, the right and the left-wing parties have long become the same, and all of them oppose solving social problems. “Russians” are right, saying that everything should begin with eliminating the “Hock Esderim” (a budget law in Israel). But they are right only at our “corporeal” level.

Our movement “Arvut” (Mutual Guarantee) offers (along with the Parliament) continuous discussion of issues by all members of the society, together with experts, with decision-making at the “round table,” but on the condition that decision making will be done peacefully, “like a family.” In this case, we will see reciprocity, understanding, and flexibility, that is, social justice (Tzedek Hevrati).

Otherwise, a tight budget cannot be divided. And most importantly, by “mutual guarantee,” we will gradually teach society to unite, which will bring the people to the rebirth of the “nation” from the fragments of exile (Kibbutz Galuyot) and will draw the manifestation of positive forces, which will neutralize the hatred of our enemies around the world. (See “Introduction to the Book of Zohar,” Item 80)

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