Who’s Sponsoring The Tent Protestors?

Editorial in the news (by A. Kogan): “Knesset member F. Kirshenbaum does not understand why the names of Israel’s social protest sponsors, who invest large sums into supporting it, are kept secret. ‘Do they really have something to hide? What about the “transparency” that everyone likes to talk about so much? I don’t understand why it’s problematic to reveal the sources of funding of the social protest. Why are they being concealed so zealously? The press is publishing various rumors while the organizers of the “tent protest” deny them, yet they don’t present their own information either. I want to know what all of this all means,’ stated Kirshenbaum.

“She admits to experiencing a sense of ‘Déjà vu’ about what is happening. She initiated a legislative project to create a parliamentary commission to research sources of funding of non-government organizations that participate in delegitimizing the Israel Defense Forces. According to Kirshenbaum, this initiative failed in Knesset because many members of the ‘Likud’ party literally ‘ran away’ from the battlefield, fearing the noise that would be raised by the mass media.

“What do we have today? A demonstration worth hundreds of thousands of shekels that, according to data from channel 10, was paid for by a certain American billionaire with ultra-left views. The organizers deny this, but they don’t give out names of their sponsors either. Yedioth Ahronoth writes about an office that was ‘given’ to the organizers of the protest, but we aren’t told about who made this gift. It’s a secret. And it’s also unclear to what extent the notorious New Israel Fund is taking part in the protest’s organization.

“At the same time, Kirshenbaum thinks that the protest is based on real social problems that have accumulated over decades. ‘Attempts to conceal the sources of funding from the society tarnishes a legitimate protest because we do not know what the opinions of the sponsors are. Maybe they simply wish to replace the power in the country rather than solve the people’s social problems.’”

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