What Is The “Mutual Guarantee” Movement Based Upon?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are you the founder of the national “Mutual Guarantee” (Arvut) movement?

Answer: I would not say that I am its founder because this movement is entirely based on knowledge we received from the science of Kabbalah and on the results of the analysis of the data and tendencies of development that are being expressed in the world. Therefore, even though the movement was founded by people, it is based on the laws of nature.

We formulate and offer a practical correction of our society, the observance of the conditions that nature dictates to us.

Question: So this movement can only include people who study Kabbalah?

Answer: No. Any person can take part in this movement if he understands that this is exactly what is required of us today.

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  1. why is this movement only aimed at the country of Israel?

  2. Shalom, Rav Laitman

    I am seriously confused Mr. Laitman on the path of dissemination you are taking us all on as I have heard you teach/express different methods/approaches of dissemination you would like to pursue. Here are some I have heard you say:
    1) Need to start a revolution
    2) Need to start a movement
    3) Need to ONLY offer a world-wide education system to the world
    4) Group dissemination
    5)Personal dissemination

    Since studying with BB I have always been taught that we are to spread/teach the wisdom in a sutle and gentle way through education and not force the Kabbalah wisdom unto people or be in peoples faces. Is that the plan?…or to be out in the world swinging signs, shouting out words of wisdom, and singing songs? What exactly are your goals and aspirations Mr. Laitman to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah to the world? Are we to change the world in a peaceful educational way…or demand change through movements?

    Also, you have said many times that we are not connected as a world group; at a spiritual level to yet be an example to the world. So why are we starting a movement now and disseminating? What can we achieve without the “Reforming Light”? I cannot get myself to be part of dissemination or excited about disssemination if I know we are not moving forward without the Light! Can you please explain your reasoning why you are moving forward in dissemination when spiritual Israel is not yet at the correct spiritul degree? I agree, and know the world needs the wisdom of Kabbalah…but is right NOW really the time? Or, do we wait a while to work on internal connection within our world group?…and then disseminate? It seems the world is ready for the wisdom…but WE are not.yet ripe and ready.to give it to them..how to discern this?

    I would really appreciate some understanding!

    Thank you!!!

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