What Is ”Mutual Guarantee”?

Dr. Michael LaitmanMutual guarantee is an interconnection between us where I have to consider all the other people just like members of my family. It’s difficult to imagine that this is possible, but we have to attain this inner state in our development where every person in the world will sense the whole world as being inside of him.

How do I sense my family? I feel every member of the family inside of me. They are like one whole with me. I feel what I have to give to whom, whom I have to take care of, and whom I have to support. I have my elderly parents, children, grandchildren, the household, expenses, responsibilities, debts, someone is sick, someone needs help, and so on.

According to this, when we hold our common family council, we take the needs of every person into consideration, make a list of priorities and rate how important these necessities are. We decide what we have to do first, what next, what comes after that, and so on.

If we act with the same attitude toward the world, just like in one family, then each of us will become a harmonious part of this world. This is the state that nature will bring us to, either by blows or by our understanding.

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