Mutual Guarantee Is A Response To Nature’s Challenge

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It’s hard to believe that there is an organization that suddenly wants to do only good things without any selfish interests, which is why people naturally feel distrust toward your “Mutual Guarantee” movement. Can you comment?

Answer: We are not planning to do any good things for anyone just like that, out of the goodness of our heart, so to say. This is not natural for people—and who knows that better than Kabbalists! We want people to find out why nature is advancing this condition of having to “create a global, integral interconnection,” of being “as one family” to us, and how we can make ourselves, our society, our government, and our world balanced, harmonious, safe, and full of everything we need to lead a good, correct existence.

On one hand, this calls for a gradual, patient explanation and education. On the other hand, the world is moving toward greater chaos, which will force people to be more attentive to the search for a way out of the situation, for the instrument to change it. Then they will gradually discover that the solution we offer actually comes from nature’s conditions.

This is not an artificial theory created by economists, ecologists, or other specialists, but one that comes from the very conditions of nature. Therefore, nothing about it is ours. We simply explain it to people: Look at what is really happening in nature, how our world is built, how the system of interactions between people is arranged, where we are going, and how we can change everything.

Today nature itself is presenting this challenge to us. If we reveal the global, integral crisis, and if we reveal our universal interconnection in a negative manner, then naturally, this will lead us to war, to a big fight. But if we constantly improve and soften that interconnection, this will lead us to a mutual, good, kind connection. This is the mutual guarantee, when I know that I depend on everyone and everyone depends on me, and I try to make this interconnection kind and good.

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  1. It’s true. Some people distrust those who are kind to others and have a hard time believing love is given without getting anything in return. I also agree with what you say about it not being natural. Becuase it isn’t. if I had it my way and didn’t correct things I did, I would just end up being selfish and only thinking about myself.

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