Jump And Don’t Look Back

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Back in his time, Baal HaSulam seemed to be pounding on a closed door, trying to warn the nation of danger. And he understood what was happening. How did he not give up in the face of this impasse?

Answer: This is not an impasse. Success is in our hands, and we don’t have any other way to go – we have to act, especially today, when the whole world is in crisis. Today we are no longer talking about the survival of one particular nation, Israel because the collapse is drawing near every place you look.

A special situation has arisen where everyone understands that things are bad, but no one has a solution. These aren’t conflicts between the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor anymore, but on the contrary, we have come up against a global problem that will become expressed in the most radical form within a few months.

Under the circumstances, we have to unite stronger and stronger. Of course, it will be difficult. It’s like crossing the Red Sea: You won’t get anywhere until you jump into the water. But you have all of the conditions in order to jump.

Passing the Machsom is a problematic endeavor. It requires you to jump without looking back, but you do reach the state where you are able to do that.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/14/11, “The Nation”

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  1. I agree with you 100%. Changing ourselves to give instead of receiving, changes the entire nature of a person internally and how they interact with the world. How they feel about themselves, how they think the world perceives them. I think it’s a scary jump for people to get past. But you are right, change internally and with the world doesn’t happen until an individual does it. It just takes a leap of faith above reason to do it. Once people start doing it once or twice, they will eventually get the hang of it and understanding.

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