It’s Not Good To Be Ignorant Of Your Illness

Dr. Michael LaitmanSuffering, sorrow, the level of the breaking have to become revealed. However, it can either become revealed directly as is, without any sweetening from the Light’s end, or it can come together with the realization of its necessity, when you wait for it like a sick person going to a doctor’s visit. Even though he may be afraid that he will be diagnosed with an illness, he still wishes to reveal it in order to receive the remedy.

Yet there are people who do not want to know about their illness, although that does not liberate them from their problems later on.

Therefore, we must always aspire in the right direction—toward unification and love, toward the understanding of the goal and plan of creation. By doing that, we enable the evil to become revealed faster! This means that “Israel accelerates the times,” meaning that I run forward before the rod catches up with me to hit me.

However, this is possible only by continuously receiving the importance of the goal and of revealing the evil. I call it evil purposefully, and not because I feel suffering in it. I don’t care how I feel. The most important thing is for the evil to become revealed in relation to the goodness that awaits me up ahead that is called bestowal, love.

If I reveal layers of egoism, suffering in this form, then I will go through all of its phases (0,1,2,3) until the last stage—4, where I will understand that everything is built upon the revelation of the left side. After all, only by revealing our empty desires can we reveal the true reality, in which we already exist.
From the lesson on 8/9/11/, Writings of Rabash

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  1. I think what you have to say is extremely important here. Being aware that our egoes is what causes us “illness” is important. I wish people would pay attention to this, that they would write down when they give altruistically and when they are egoistic and see the contrast in how they feel with both instances. Then they could see the source of their problems. It’s not easy to get down to the bottom of it, but if we don’t in ourselves we just end up feeling bad and being “sick” and wondering where the heck it’s coming from and being detached from knowing the source of it.

  2. Why are we always running from the rod that will hit us? Why doesnt the Creator rule us in a gentler, more encouraging way? The way reality is set up, it makes a person feel not that He is the good that does good, but rather the bad that does bad. Why not teach us by guiding us instead of by the rod?

  3. Why the Creator has the need to give?
    Why does the Creator wants to give?

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