Don’t Give Yourself A Guilt Trip Like A Trapped Thief

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we learn to hate our evil even more than we do now?

Answer: We will never be able to bring ourselves to hate our own evil or to love goodness. This attitude can only be created within us by the Light that reforms. This is exactly the action it performs.

We don’t need anything besides hatred of evil. We will build everything else above that. And if we come to feel real hatred for evil, which we acquire from the Light, then we relate to that hatred correctly and immediately use it to build our attitude to the Light, to goodness.

I won’t sit there giving myself a guilt trip, wondering why I am so evil. This is not necessary at all because in that case I am simply inside of my ego. This is the wrong approach to using the revelation of evil—like a thief who gives himself a guilt trip for stealing once he has been caught because now he has to suffer for it.

An indication of the right development (with the help of the study, the group, and dissemination) is when I accept the revelation of evil with joy because this enables me to advance. There is a story about Rabbi Akiva who laughed when he saw how the Temple was being destroyed because he perceived this as a sign that the final correction is approaching.

After all, nothing is required besides the revelation of evil. If evil becomes revealed with the help of the right preparation, and if it is used correctly, then we immediately attain goodness.

All goodness is built upon the revelation of evil. Therefore, if a person doesn’t reveal evil like a trapped thief who did not manage to steal for the sake of his egoism, but instead reveals evil in his attitude to the friends and the Creator, then in this revelation of evil he immediately feels opposition—the One who revealed the evil, the Light that reforms. He immediately adheres to the Light and, based on the revelation of that evil, builds the commandment, meaning goes from the consequence to the cause.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/10/11, Shamati

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  1. So dwelling on or asking vain questions about why we are evil is just a sophisticated trick to distract us from the uncomfortable feeling of passing through “narrow straits.” We gain more by feeling the resistance and building from there. That is like my mother used to say, “Face your fear and stand strong while you do it.”

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