Cameron: It Is Necessary “To Mend Broken Society” Immediately

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News: “The UK Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged a review of all government policies following last week’s riots in England to ensure they are bold enough to fix what he’s called a ‘broken society’…. He said that mending society was back at the top of his agenda and that his approach would be ‘no holds barred.’

“He said he would review all policies, speed up plans to improve parenting and education and turn around the lives of 120,000 ‘troubled’ families. To tackle a ‘moral collapse’ he pledged a war on gangs…. Speaking in his constituency he said he is determined to take on and defeat the long-standing social problems that he believes led to the violence. David Cameron believes that the results of reviews will help his government ‘mend broken society.’”

Comment: The broken society can only be “mended” by someone who understands the disease and how to cure it. It is impossible to achieve this by egoistic and forceful methods, or even by means of any infusions of cash. What is required is a wide public discussion of a rehabilitation and education plan for all members of society in the spirit of “mutual guarantee” with the participation of the media. (For details, see my “Lecture in Arosa.”)

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  1. Does the Prime Minister know about Benei Baruch and the efforts towards education with the UNESCO organization? How can he take advantage of what BB has to offer and use it for his country?

  2. You “Lecutre in Arosa” article is very good. And from 2006! We need more kabbalists.

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