“Plus” and “Minus” United By Mutual Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn our world love and hatred are two different, contradictory feelings. We cannot unite these two opposites and do not understand that we love one because we hate the other.

But in the spiritual world, they are one. Two opposites unite and it turns out that I love and hate in the same place, meaning reception and bestowal, my separation from the neighbor and my aspiration to him, occur in one location. All of this comes from one condition, one degree, my one state, in which I feel hatred and love in the same place. I perceive these two opposites as one whole.

This is similar to electricity, which is impossible without a plus and a minus. In the spiritual world, a plus and a minus work together above one matter, above one consciousness. On one hand, there is a minus, and on the other, a plus, and I am in the middle. The spiritual world is special because in it, opposites unite!

Therefore, let us unite in mutual guarantee, above all of the differences and disagreements. It doesn’t matter what qualities every person was born with and how he thinks. The most important thing is to unite above all of that. It’s similar to how in the spiritual world, the work is done by faith above reason.

With this approach, we will reach spirituality. And then we will no longer be bothered by our differences, but will use them to reveal greater degrees of unity.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/10/11, Shamati

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