“Let My People Go!”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How far must humanity go to realize that the true problem is the ego?

Answer: We will need to go to the very end. And I already see the economists starting to speak the words of Kabbalah and likening our ego to a cancerous tumor.

What is the limit that the world must reach before it reaches this awareness? Near complete self-destruction since that is how our ego works. It is just like the tale of Pharaoh. Imagine a big, beautiful land, a veritable oasis amidst the wretched world of old, which ruins itself completely following the ten Egyptian plagues, and the only reason is that our pigheaded ego insists on standing its ground.

And it’s incapable of doing anything else because it doesn’t feel or understand that there is a solution. We can use this example to see that we must always go to the ego and demand: “Let my people go!”

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