Why Don’t We Pass A Law About Mutual Guarantee?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe new era demands a new upbringing and we have to inculcate it in the nation. This is the reason why we are first turning to scientists, and next, together with them, to the government in order to demonstrate the need for global upbringing to the power structures. Only this will enable us to smoothly join the interconnected world.

However, even if we achieve a general agreement with this condition, we will still be far from realizing it. How can the government be convinced? How should society be built in practice? In our opinion, the changes must first happen inside of man. The people of the country have to change, become different, integral. They have to desire unity and feel how to achieve it from the inside. Then this general atmosphere will start changing every person’s environment and will even penetrate the corridors of the government.

If the parliament affirms laws of mutual guarantee in order to impose them from above, this will take on coercive forms, but there is no coercion in spirituality. Man has to undergo inner changes that lead to the spiritual phase of development. Therefore, without suppressing anyone, we have to provide the right influence and education to people, but instead of doing this in the name of the government, it should happen through integration into the education system.

We cannot force anyone to build a new system of interconnection. That would be equivalent to placing a person in a dungeon, isolating him from everything he is used to. Connections have to be formed gradually, thanks to the inner changes inside a person. By changing, he will start interacting with others differently as well.

Until now we changed under pressure from egoism, which rages inside of us. It grew from one generation to the next, and as a result, we changed the world. But now the situation is different: The world is not changing any longer. It is being expressed as “round” and integral, and it is us, the people, who have to change.

In this case, how can the government and parliament help us? The authorities still don’t understand it, but their only way to help is to create a system of upbringing that will give people a new form. Only then will it be possible to change anything in the country. However, this process takes time. It cannot be accelerated by parliamentary creativity in lawmaking. There are many laws, but who actually observes them?
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/26/11, “Arvut

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