When Problems Aren’t Solved One At A Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When a person starts listening to us, he naturally starts asking: What should I do?

Answer: You have to receive more and more information about the fact that the world’s well-being depends on the good connection between people. And it depends on that absolutely. Money, your place of work, pension, vacation, health, ecology, weather, education, marital relations – and anything you can only imagine cannot be built or corrected “head on.”

What seems to be the problem? If we have a financial crisis, then we’ll print more money and will give it out to whomever we have to. There’s a problem with Libya? Then let’s put pressure on Libya. This is nonsense, but not the kind we can laugh at. It is very bitter nonsense.

No matter what the problem is, today it is impossible to solve it head on, directly, even though this is precisely how we acted in the past. How easy everything used to be: Something happened here so we corrected it here, something happened there so we corrected it there. But that won’t work anymore. Now this is impossible.

We have ended up in a closed system, and while you are fixing one of its parts, another part breaks down. Today you have to know the whole system. Today you have to include it inside of yourself, think globally the way it does, and sense it globally. That is the only way you can achieve success.

Why are the G7, 8 or 20 meetings useless? Why doesn’t a single government program to come out of the crisis work? This is the whole reason.

We have to understand that mutual guarantee is the solution and the right approach to any problem.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/14/11, Arvut

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