The EU Idea Is No Longer Valid In The Politicians’ Eyes

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From Die Zeit): “Hardly any politician may still defend the idea of ​​a united Europe. One can only hope for the next generation of politicians….

“They will have to deal with the fact that Europeans now account for only a fraction of the world’s population, and that climate change and the problems of the global economy can only be solved at the supranational level….

“The EU is the only way for the Europeans to secure the status of a strong player…. Surveys are reassuring: The young generation understands the role of Europe, perhaps better than anyone else.”

My comment: The new generation is now born with rudiments of the integral perception of the world, its connectedness and mutual dependence; it has a higher capacity to understand the power of unions between countries and nations. If politicians added to the studies of a united Europe the integral education of new generations of Europeans, by now they would have produced a new generation that thinks about the EU only in terms of unity, as a unified whole community.

The collapse of the EU will be the end of Europe because nature leads us to integration, and any move against it is detrimental, especially to those who are the cause of it.

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