In Nature’s Clutches

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Baal HaSulam writes that the whole world has to enter the boundaries of the mutual guarantee. What does that mean?

Answer: Indeed, right now the whole world is entering the conditions of mutual guarantee. Stated differently, in our times all of the conditions have come together for mutual guarantee to be accepted in the whole world.

Obviously, this is a gradual process. Until now we have developed inside of our egoism, which increasingly grew stronger, and we operated only by using our environment for our own benefit. We constantly “modified” the external environment, while in the meantime, egoism grew bigger.

And today, a very curious occurrence has happened: the environment which we constantly wanted to change to suit ourselves became a rigid, fixed, interconnected, wholesome system. We cannot change it any longer. On the contrary, it is letting its temperament come through, is putting pressure on us and is ready to elicit changes in us by means of disasters and problems.

The external environment consists not only of ecological, natural factors, but it is also the human society, the interconnection between us in different areas and aspects: in economics, education, family life, healthcare, and so on. Every one of us lives in this environment.

Previously I changed it as I wished, in whatever way was most comfortable for me. Stated differently, I changed by nature, and I changed nature. But now nature is appearing as an integral system to me and I have to change myself. In the past I changed this natural system, but now it is pressuring me and changing me. It is becoming increasingly more integral, cramped, wholesome, and soldered together, and because of that, it squeezes me in its clutches, forcing me to take on its standard whether I want it or not.

After all, I am inside of it, and when it comes right up to me, “skin to skin,” I don’t have a way out and I suffocate. I have to change.

I perceive nature’s communication with me in the form of crises, suffering, and great problems. This is the path if we go through it by the pre-scheduled program. However, in nature’s globality and integrality, I can see something good and desirable ahead of time, and then I will be happy to take on its form and “put it on” myself, becoming similar to nature.

In any case, it is necessary to observe the law of equivalence of form between myself and the environment, between us and nature. In order to be similar to the form that nature demonstrates to me today, I have to be wholesomely connected with all humanity, and all of humanity—with the still, vegetative, and animate levels. This is the meaning of existing inside the single nature.

First of all, I have to take care of the human society, including its attitude to the ecology. And for that it is necessary to change man so that people, countries, and ecological circles would unite with one another, so upbringing would become unified, so equality would set in all over the world.

It’s not equality of religion or faith, culture or customs. They can remain the way they are. But above them there has to be a common equality in which everyone are united. And even though differences are preserved inside, they do not interfere with what’s important. It is written, “Love will cover all sins.”

Besides, we have to care for the still, vegetative, and animate nature so we don’t destroy the earth, which is intended for all of us, and so its important resources won’t run dry.

We have to think about the future, but we are not doing that today. We mine oil from the earth, which is the basis for 90% of our production, be it plastic parts, energy, or others types of production. If we simply burn oil for the wrong needs, then we are robbing our grandchildren. Nothing will be left for them. And therefore, we must already think about how to act.

Thus, unification should not be limited by the current moment, the short-lived desire to mollify the situation and avoid problems. Unification must involve a vision into the future, a program for the future, an inventory of what we are leaving to our children.

We have already passed “the oil peak” and have shifted to the phase of exhausting the remaining reservoirs. So what will we leave to our descendants for an inheritance? After all, oil is necessary not only for burning, but also as raw material for the production of various goods. And on the other hand, we don’t have any comparable source of energy.

Unification between us will bring us to unification with nature, and then we will understand how to properly use the natural resources, how to make the transition to equality, to a normal, balanced economy with fair distribution.

Otherwise there is such a great meltdown in store for us that we will not be able to come out of it. If we exhaust the natural reservoirs, we will be simply left with nothing, and we won’t have anything by which to keep living. We won’t have a wealthy relative who can help us in an emergency situation. We will not survive this crisis with the previous means because it does not have alternative solutions.

What’s at stake here is not just oil, but many other resources of the earth. We think that there is no end to their abundance, but that is not so. Over several decades of reckless high rolling, we have discovered the bottom of the “bottomless barrel.” The time has come to shift to a new, global approach.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/18/11, “Arvut

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