A Gathering In Cameroon

We are glad to introduce our Cameroon group. They came together from different cities around the country for a gathering of friends.

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  1. Hello, Cameroon Group!

    Happy to connect with you through these wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing this slideshow….it’s makes one’s heart sing and dance to see our friends gathering together…..it is wonderfully beautiful. L’chaim!

    Best wishes to you all,
    Trudy 🙂

  2. Brothers and Sisters in Cameroon!

    I have tears in my eyes just seeing your picture. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!
    We feel you.

  3. L’Chaim AMAZING Friends from Cameroon!

    TOGETHER WE! make it REAL!



  5. Wow! L’chaim!!!

  6. “LeChaim ♥”

  7. Yay! Welcome!

  8. Dear Friends in Cameroon! It is with a huge emotion that we look at these pictures and feel the connection with you all…thank you for bringing a new force to the global group!

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