“The Living Water” For All Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose you have brought me this knowledge about a global and integral system. I listen and understand what you say. But I am not the head of government, not the owner of a TV channel or newspaper. I am an ordinary citizen. I understood your words. If I want to start developing according to this perception, in mutual guarantee between people, in balance with nature, what should I do?

Answer: Just as I brought this knowledge to you, you have to pass it to others. Perhaps, you have writing skills, and you will write an article. And today, if you can write even a few lines, the entire Internet space is open before you.

This network can accept you, and you can influence everyone through it. You do not have to be the head of government to do this. By the way, today, all the knowledge passes from one person to the other via the Internet system. Today, the media is not really able to form public opinion; the Internet forms it.

Through our entire network of friends and supporters, we can start to advertise the idea of mutual guarantee and all this knowledge, spreading it across the Internet space with all our strength. Our problem is that we are still closed within ourselves.

Day after day, from our daily lessons and talks, we should create such a media product that it would flow like the living water to the whole world, through all our friends, all our groups, and all the people who understand that this is a vital necessity without even being with us. Otherwise, the world will not survive for a long time.

We should not rely on the government and media, on well-known, famous people: No one needs that. If thousands of ordinary people worldwide support us, they can fill the entire online network with our information via Twitter and Facebook. Not a single government will be able to do this.

We see how governments fall because some rumors were spread through the Internet across the nation. People go out in the streets and overthrow the government.

That is why our work now should be directed at the circulation of information. We have to draw as many people who agree with us as possible, to gather and publish the opinions, talks, and lectures of scientists, economists, and people known in the media, in all the languages and at any level, with different approaches. But they should talk only about one trend, the same goal, and the same program. Here you have a ready education system; now, it should be injected through the Internet into the world and widely disseminated.

Then, based on the opinion of these scientists, it is possible to address UNESCO or the UN, the governments of different countries. It is not you alone addressing them, but together with others. After all, you want to put their ideas into use and think that humanity needs to know about them. Thus, you are building a global university of integral education.

The main thing is to start. And the major problem of our organization, as I feel, is that we are withdrawn into ourselves; we are closed and do not come out, do not break through to the outside. All the media that we produce is made for ourselves. We talk only among ourselves.

But if we organized thousands of our friends and supporters, our students around the world for external dissemination among the masses, I am sure that we would have received a different response from the world.

Our task now is to prepare the material about the global and integral world and our obligation to correspond to it, and do it as soon as possible. There is no need to mention the word “Kabbalah,” but rather to rely solely on scientists’ opinions and scientific data. And we have to disseminate this everywhere.

Question: If a person passes this idea to the world, what, essentially, does he change in it?

Answer: He connects the whole world to one global and integral force which governs this world, to the force of nature. He himself realizes the program of nature, along with all those who take his example and this idea and do the same thing. Everyone who does so realizes this program.
From the Talk on a New Book 7/11/2011

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  1. This is a very good article! I agree with you, even people who are not famous but have a lot of contacts can reach out to more people and influence things that way. I can do this, I’m very good at reaching people in ways, but I agree that saying the world “Kabbalah” is probably best. Because for someone who doesn’t know, it sounds like a cult, relgion, philosophy, mysticism, something hard to understand, etc.
    I meant “not saying the world Kabbalah is best”

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