When The Book Of Zohar Becomes Revealed….

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe goal of creation is to acquire the quality of bestowal, and through it to attain adhesion with the Creator. We exist in the opposite quality, in the intention to receive for our own sake.

In order to correct our intention from reception to bestowal, we have to attract upon us the Light that reforms, that brings us back to the source, the Creator. This Light is on a higher level than we are, and it continually corrects us, raising us to higher levels of bestowal and love.

The Light comes to us during the time when we unite together in our hearts, in our desires, the intentions to become corrected, and when we study the same corrected system that the Kabbalists tell us about. By studying this system and wishing for the description in these texts to happen to us, to become revealed between us, we thereby attract the same Light that is inside of it on the levels of the proper connection between the creatures. Then we correct our connection and enter the same states that the book tells us about. And this means that the book becomes revealed.

The book with the strongest influence on the reader, with the greatest capability to bring him to the corrected state, to bestowal and love, is The Book of Zohar. Therefore, while reading this book, let’s desire to feel all of us together so that inside of the right connection between us we would reveal the general quality of bestowal, the One who is good and does good, the Creator who is revealed to the creatures.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/19/11, The Zohar

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