Parting In Body, Don’t Part In Your Soul!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You are giving us good advice. Why don’t we hear and follow it? Teach us to do as you say.

Answer: One person can never succeed. Only a group of people who have a mutual agreement can reach the goal.

“We have gathered here to establish a society for all who wish to follow the path and method of Baal HaSulam,” as Rabash writes in his first article on the matter of the group. And we must move forth guided by this method, helping each other to reach the goal. We will certainly come to it, but only to the degree of our mutual assistance, the guarantee. We don’t need anything else.

Question: But what is preventing us from doing so?

Answer: We must begin doing it here and now. And when we part in body, we must not part in soul. I truly hope that we will keep and cultivate ever more the heavy potential we have accumulated at the present convention and before it. This is the essence of our work.
From the 7th lesson at the Moscow Convention 6/12/11

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