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Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have just completed a very good convention, and it was good in the true sense of the word. Some conventions just go by very warmly and nicely, leaving behind a warm patch, like a hot trail. But at this convention we created something bigger. It was a gathering of people who felt Light and warmth in their mutual action. Naturally, we will hold many more conventions like this and will work from one to the next, and will see how much we will change.

But if we want to really advance forward, then we must constantly search for the following, better state instead of just trying to hold on to this warmth, this level, this sensation or attainment. We cannot look back. That would be like Lot’s wife who turned into a pillar of salt. We cannot take an example from the past. We have to look forward. I hope that you and I will do just that.

I am sure that this spiritual Kli or vessel is growing inside each of us. I felt this. But these vessels still have to unite and achieve that necessary connection between one another so they would be on the minimal, 125th level, so they would be as one, meaning unite together to the 125th degree. We are still lacking this, but are close to it and will definitely achieve it.

Therefore, even though we are parting, we have to understand that everything existing in our world—in the coordinates of time, space, and action—is all there to bring us to the goal. Therefore, we have to understand that all of these conditions are necessary for us to become closer. And if we add our unification and mutual guarantee to all of these conditions, then these conditions will be sufficient. This is what I wish for you.
From the 7th lesson at the Moscow Convention 6/12/11

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  1. ‘If we add our unification and mutual guarantee to all of these conditions, then these conditions will be sufficient.’

    Our effort is on unification and mutual guarantee.

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