“Call Upon Him While He Is Near”

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are created with egoistic nature and can only think about filling ourselves with pleasures. That is why if a thought about bestowal occurs in our minds, slightly raising us above our egoism, and we start thinking in the opposite direction, it certainly does not come from our inner nature, but from the Light, from the Creator.

There are only two forces in the universe: the force of the Creator, the desire to bestow, and the force of the creature, the will to enjoy. Thus, if the desire to reflect on what is higher than one’s earthly existence, that is, about the meaning of one’s life, suddenly awakens in a person, this means that the upper Light started acting upon him.

Then, a person is brought to the group, or he comes across a book about Kabbalah, or all of a sudden he hears an interview—everybody encounters Kabbalah as if completely “by chance.” However, we should understand that there is nothing accidental here. And when a person is brought to the right place and given an opportunity to connect with the teacher, the books, and the group, he should not miss this.

Not everything depends on us, and everybody will have to go through a process, but there is some part in it that we have to organize ourselves. And if the Creator has called us to spiritual development, from the moment when we recognize this invitation from Above, we should not miss it.

That is why we get together in groups, come to the lessons every day, inspire each other with the importance of the goal, and organize various events. All this should convince me of the importance of the process of spiritual development. If the group is constantly thinking about how to reach the goal, this affects each of us and forces us to be empathetic.

Then, if I am given any opportunity with thoughts about advancement and the greatness of the spiritual goal awakened in me, I immediately react to this. These are very important moments. Everything depends on how a person responds to the Creator’s call.

In reality, every day we get several such invitations. And if we react correctly, then tomorrow, we will get even more of them, and the day after tomorrow, even more!  This way, you can reach the state when all the time you will feel that you are in a dialogue with the Creator, until in all these opportunities, thoughts, and desires changing in you, you feel a constant connection with the Creator.

There are several levels of this connection that should increase more and more and acquire different types. It comes and goes to awaken a greater desire in us. It is like a game, a flirtation, with which the Creator inflames a desire in us so that we chase Him. As it is said: “’My Beloved is like a deer” that always looks back, running away, disappearing and getting closer. Thus, the Creator is playing with us.

The key is not to miss the opportunities as they arise and to react properly. In those moments when you feel an awakening, you should not forget that it comes from Above, and you have to answer this call. As it said: “Call upon Him while He Is Near!”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah World 6/24/2011, Shamati #241

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  1. You say not to “not to miss the opportunities as they arise”, what is an “opportunity” as an example?

    You say to “react properly”. What is a proper reaction example?

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