Israel’s Independence Day: Dizzy From The “Achievements”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I recently read an article that talks about how things that became successful throughout the world did not catch on in Israel, such as fantasy films and complicated media gadgets. Why is that?

Answer: We, the people of Israel, are “primitive animals,” the most backward nation if we do not live in a framework that’s appropriate for us. This is evident from the culture, the upbringing, and everything else happening here. We can’t do anything right, and we’re also proud of that.

We don’t understand that we don’t and won’t have any achievements until we place ourselves beneath the upper force. Compared to the achievements of the Jews abroad, we have practically nothing to be proud of here. Of course, we do manage to do some things well, but considering our potential, it’s a miserable fraction of what we can do.

We have always compared ourselves to other nations, but that is incorrect because our entire potential comes from Bina, not Malchut. So why do we always retreat? In essence, our “achievements” are failures compared to what we are able to do.

Nothing will help us. If we don’t connect to our Source, then we simply won’t survive.

This is why we celebrate Independence Day, when we are happy about the opportunity to do spiritual work and to ascend spiritually. This day is not about “being chased into the pound,” which is what happened to our bodies. We can’t look at life that way.

Independence Day for us is a reminder of the chance that has been given to us. By realizing this opportunity correctly, we will be able to bring the whole world to a spiritual ascent, to eternity and perfection. The issue here is not the state of Israel or the nation of Israel, but the spiritual essence of what is happening. We have been brought to the place of spiritual realization, the place where the spiritual redemption of the whole world begins.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/10/11, ‘Inheritance of the Land”

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