Don’t Be A Donkey At The King’s Feast

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the Creator created everything as perfect in the first place, why should we correct anything?

Answer: Yes, but we are not yet in the state that He created. We are outside of it, behind all kinds of veils, concealments. These screens have to do only with us since we are the ones who feel concealment.

The Creator created only one state regarded as the world of Infinity. However, in order to feel that we are actually in this Infinity, we need to accumulate all sorts of experiences.

Suppose someone wants to treat me to some exotic dish, but in order for me to really appreciate its taste, I need a desire for it. I am supposed to have an idea of what it is and how it is eaten. Otherwise, I won’t get it, like the farmer mentioned in The Book of Zohar who lived on a farm all his life, grew wheat, and, until he once visited a city, hadn’t even suspected how many delicious things could be made from it. All he had ever known was the rough grain.

So, while being in the Light of Infinity, we feel it only as a donkey does, chewing on the rough grain. Except for the simple “grain” and “water,” we don’t desire anything else. We don’t sense in the Light of Infinity all the delicacies that the Creator has prepared for us.

How then do we start desiring the Light that fills Infinity and feel it in all its manifestations, through its entire depth, with total clarity? We don’t have such a need. We must create it within ourselves.

In order to build up a desire to smell the sweetest pie instead of the rough grain, in order to sense Infinity instead of the minimal Light of Nefesh de Nefesh while being in the same state and the same Light, we need to cultivate desire. Desire grows by way of concealment, when I am shown a little bit of the Light and then it is concealed again, exposed and then concealed. This is regarded as “flirting,” playing.

This is a very serious game since concealment increases desire. This is how the Light is playing with us, by exposing and concealing itself. This is why we withdraw from the world of Infinity and become separated from it by numerous concealments, until we end up in this world, in its total concealment.

All we need is desire. At the instant I do get it, I will receive the precious “pie.” As soon as it grows some more, I will be given an even bigger treat. With every new step, I need to increase my desire, and the upper Light starts illuminating me in full force. My desire opens me for connecting with Him and allows Him to enter me.

The Creator created all of these states from the start, but out of the whole of Infinity, you can feel only the minimal Light of Nefesh right now. It’s because you don’t have a desire of your own to wish specifically for it and to feel pain because you are lacking it.

This desire has to be totally new, unlike your instinctive desire. You receive it by forcing, overriding yourself and struggling with your entire nature. When you start wanting the Light this much, it will be an authentic desire. In other words, you need to wish for bestowal!

At present, it seems to be something totally silly, some strange bestowal and love. However, these are simply familiar words that mean a new type of desire which doesn’t exist in us yet.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/2011, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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  1. The sweet and bitter are right and left, the mind, the truth, is the middle line and is perpendicular to both. That is why it is so utterly hard to comprehend. Not because it doesn’t make sense logically, cooperation and being above ego is totally truthful and logical. But alas, we lose the logos when the beasts hands push and pull us off balance. It is not just wishing for pain or even pleasure that seems to be the correction, but training or tuning the beast towards the truth, so that the two will unify and not need to force each other around. Imagine if everything that was truly good for us and everyone else felt good? Right now only what is good for us feels good. Now infinity is the source of all, and evidenced in nature it is literally the glue of all, resolver of conflict and unifier of all under one. Inherently infinity does this as by definition it contains all, being everything.

  2. Alas these are mere thoughts, mostly my states revealed, and perhaps a little truth, perhaps…

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