You Can’t “Fall Asleep” And Then “Wake Up” At The End Of Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: As far as I understand, the Creator is playing a game with us and this game has a specific purpose. But every game has an end and that means that this game will end in about 200 years. Is that right?

Answer: Actually, I hope that it will end even sooner. I am telling you with total confidence that we can complete it in several years. There are no obstacles.

Question cont’d: If this “game” will end and we will get where we have to get in any case, meaning that we will correct our soul, then what is the difference between the left and right lines? And what will happen if we choose the path of the left line?

Answer: The purpose of creation is for every one of us, with each of us being a small point of the common Kli or desire, to attain perfection, meaning the same kind of unity with all the other points of this Kli as the one existing among the cells of a perfect, healthy organism.

In order to reach this goal, we have to understand, feel, and attain this entire common, huge system because in essence we are one single organism in which we are united with one another. Even our physical body functions by virtue of being permeated by a certain informational field. It’s not just a lymphatic system, a cardiovascular system, a nervous system, and so on, but a certain common informational system. Therefore, it is impossible for me to take a sleeping pill and fall asleep, or freeze myself for 200 years and then have someone wake me up and I will be at the end of correction. That is impossible!

I have to develop my mind and heart, my ability to understand, realize, and attain. After all, in one hour we cannot shove into a child all of the knowledge that he has to acquire over 20 years of study. And in exactly the same way, we cannot teach a person who grew up in the jungle everything that he has to gradually receive over the course of several decades. We have examples of this.

In other words, every person has to go through his personal path of development, gradually and persistently raising himself. The only difference is whether he will be nudged forward by a “rod” at every step of the way, or if he will advance forward out of his own desire.

We have to go through specific phases of correction and every one of us has to go through them one after the other. And with every step, I am like a child being forced by his parents to read one more word, then one more, and so on. I suffer greatly because I am forced to study, until I understand that I will have to do this one way or another.

But if I am smart, then I understand that I can develop a desire for reading. For example, when looking at my friends who have already learned to read well, I begin to be ashamed of my inability and I get a desire to “catch up” to them. Then I don’t need anyone to scold me but I move forward by myself.

This is the difference between the left and right lines—the path of suffering, when “blows” come down on you from all directions and the “sweet” path where you are in the right environment which awakens the feeling of envy in you. You look at them and envy that they have something you don’t. And this forces you to move.
From the 3rd lesson at the WE! Convention on 4/1/11

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