That Elusive “Faith Above Reason”

Dr. Michael LaitmanShamati #13, “A Pomegranate”: The measure of the filling is as much as one can go above reason, and this is called Romemut.

There is only emptiness in a place where there is no existence, as it is written, “hangeth the earth over nothing.” You find that what is the measure of the filling, of the empty place? The answer is, according to one’s elevation of oneself above reason.

This means that the emptiness should be filled with loftiness, meaning with above reason, and to ask of the Creator to give one that strength. It will mean that all the emptiness was created, meaning it comes to a person to feel thus, that he is empty, only in order to fill it with the Romemut [greatness] of the Creator. In other words, one is to take everything above reason.

We do not know what “faith above reason” is. It is a total separation from all of our calculations. I remember how three or four months after I started studying with Rabash, I asked him, “What is faith above reason, since it is written that a person must always be in it?” At that time, I even wrote down on my hand that one mustn’t forget to think about faith above reason, even though I did not know what this was. As I was sitting in the car behind the wheel next to Rabash, I looked at what was written on my hand and asked him: What is the meaning of this concept?

In reply he gave me an example that is, of course, limited by the boundaries of this world: Suppose that a friend borrowed a thousand dollars from you and later returned the envelope to you as if it had the entire sum inside. But you find only one dollar inside. Your friend says that there is a thousand dollars inside, but according to your calculation there is only one. Where are the other $999?

That is when you can advance by faith above reason. That is, you attain such a correction (rather than just forgiving your friend the debt!) that you perceive this dollar as if you received a thousand instead of one, as if the friend returned everything to you.

But how do you perceive the $999 that are missing? This is called the force of faith above reason. It is impossible to understand what this means ahead of time. Only when this force becomes revealed inside of us as a result of our inner efforts, inside of our desires, when we change, then we see that we really can make up for the knowledge with faith, and this faith is bestowal instead of reception.

In any case this will remain unclear until a person actually acquires this quality.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/26/11, Shamati

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