Pharaoh: The Creator’s Faithful Slave

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we could see the game that the Creator plays with us, we would understand that all that happens in our lives is meant to lead us to the single goal: the necessity to appeal to the Creator. And the force that gradually develops us and forces us to appeal to Him is called “Pharaoh,” the Creator’s faithful slave.

Pharaoh cunningly tricks us, gives us blows and obstacles along the path: It is all Pharaoh’s work. Our advancement depends on how we accept these blows, disappointments, and opportunities presented to us. We shouldn’t ever look at it as a chance occurrence, but see the Creator’s “guiding hand” and think of how to react to it. Clarifying these situations is what helps us advance forward.

The clarification occurs only by means of our connection because only then do we have a correct point of view that allows us to understand what the Creator wants. Ultimately, He will demand that we unite as “one man with one heart.” If we look at everything that happens to us from this point of view, we will promptly and correctly reveal what the upper force wants from us. This is very simple, but only if a person doesn’t fail to see all that’s happening to him from this correct point of view.

All the blows and concerns are leading us toward acquiring the quality of bestowal. We come for the sake of our egoism and our pride, until all of these blows and changes form a correct attitude within us that allows us to understand where we are in relation to the force of bestowal.

But the moment we change, we understand that all this was done out of love. The Creator didn’t want to assert His power and make us bow down. He wasn’t jealous of our love and commitment to Pharaoh. It was only His great love for us that forced Him to gradually teach us. And He suffered more than we did from all that was happening to us, similarly to the way parents suffer when giving a sick child shots and bitter medicine.

There never was nor could there ever be any negative treatment from the Creator. There can only be absolute love.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/20/2011, Baal HaSulam’s Letter 10

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