The Secret Of The Soul’s Birth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the connection between the root of a person’s soul and his ability or inability to connect with others souls, the degree of his desire for unity?

Answer: Every person in the world has a root of the soul: a spiritual spark, a point in the heart. This point can develop to such an extent that the person will feel attracted to something higher, beyond this world. Then he comes to the science of Kabbalah and enters the group.

There are also people whose point in the heart has not developed yet and each of them lives his private, material life. But even if this point “burns” strongly in a person and he passionately wishes to attain spirituality—the Creator, the goal of his life, and its meaning—this is just a point and no more.

What should he do next? He has to understand that a person’s soul is formed out of the spiritual sparks that he attaches to his point of the soul from each person of the seven billion people. The soul of every person is the aggregate unity of all of these points together. Therefore, if I now unite with everyone who is here at this convention, if I attach these 600 spiritual sparks to myself, then I attain the might of unity of all 600 points together.

How is that possible? How can I unite with their desires to attain spirituality? I can only do it with the help of “love your neighbor as yourself” in order to become “as one man with one heart,” as it is written in the article, “Matan Torah.”

If I connect with them in this way, then I acquire a field of unification—a desire consisting of many sparks. It’s as if we become “as one man” and inside of that desire I can reveal spirituality.

This desire is called the vessel or Kli of my soul because I have attached all of these points to myself. If someone else, one of these points which I attached to myself, also attaches everyone else to it, this will be called his soul. Meaning, his point is the initial one and he attaches other points to it. This is his soul.

Every person attaches all the points outside of him to himself, and that is how his soul forms. But if he hasn’t attached them to him, then he has no soul. He only has a point, the root of his soul.

According to the force of unification of these points inside me, their quantity and the force of the unity among them, inside of them, I reveal Light, life, and existence. As they connect with each other, they begin to unite and to be revealed in the form of a single system, similar to a living body through which blood and lymphatic liquid circulate, nervous impulses are passed, and many different actions take place. I begin to feel life there.

I attach the points to myself gradually. By connecting to them, I begin to feel how a tiny device forms inside of me: an embryo. Then it grows, developing over the course of nine months. I feel how I attach more and more points to it, and that is how it constantly grows.

Various inner actions already take place inside of it. Some kind of life emerges. I begin to recognize various processes in it, until finally, it is born. That means it begins to live its own life. Then it breaks away from the upper force and lives by itself. This is the soul. That is how each of us builds his soul.

From the 1st lesson at the Dead Sea Convention, 2/24/11

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