If You Wish To Look At The Creator’s Face

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter all of his searches, a person reaches a state where he asks for just one thing: the ability to make the right decision. And that means he has reached the right prayer.

The most important thing that we will discover by studying the unification of the forces of reception and bestowal is how the Creator makes decisions while being above them, what He bases His decisions on. We will attain Him by His actions. But by researching everything that happens inside of us under His influence, through this we want to attain His mind, His plan, intentions, and thoughts. This is our entire work.

And to do this all that is necessary is prayer. With our own forces we cannot attain His mind and head, the place where decisions are made and from which all actions come. That is because we are also His actions.

And since a spiritual action is always done “for the sake of bestowal,” we cannot understand how the upper mind could have made that decision. This always happens as a “finding” or miracle, as it is written: “I labored and found”! It is impossible to understand the Creator’s mind directly by observing the combination of two forces: reception and bestowal. This is where the difference lies between the Creator Himself, His decision, and all the actions that follow from His decision.

Therefore, a person who reaches prayer asks for the ability to understand precisely this: the plan and thought of the Creator, who makes the decisions. Similarly, Moses was told, “You will see me from behind, but you will not see My face.” This prayer emerges continuously.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/10/11 on Prayer

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