A Minus In Humanity’s Bank Account

Michael LaitmanQuestion: If you look at the Internet, you see that what most people are looking for is an answer to the question of how to get out of debt, how to come out of a minus in their bank account. Can you comment?

Answer: First of all, we are being kept in a minus deliberately. A minus is a kind of slavery, a kind of connection between people that is used to confuse a person and in this way to enslave him. We do not understand this and consider ourselves free. But you are not free in any regard. If you cannot freely feed yourself or your family today, then to the same degree, you are tied down by iron chains. And if, in addition, you have a minus in your bank account, then you are enslaved completely.

All kinds of taxes, payments, and debts that every person has are a form of modern slavery. It seems like everything is OK, you can borrow some more money, things are not so bad….

This new period of people living in debt began recently. Entire nations live in a minus. The debt of certain nations amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars. It’s a minus in the country’s account. And then you can’t do very much. Your accounts could be “blocked” so you won’t receive anything until you pay up. Thus, an entire country becomes enslaved until it begs, “I am ready to do anything you tell me—just give me food!” Like a slave working for food. This is exactly what is happening to people and entire nations, and there is no way out of the minus!
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/1/11, Lesson on Money

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