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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe AHP of the upper one is intended to transfer the pleas (MAN) of the lower one upwards. The upper one is more internal than the lower one, but when depicted on a graph it appears as if the lower one is bigger. Yet it only seems that way to us, as if the lower one encompasses the upper one, clothing over him. The fact is, however, that he clothes on the outside precisely because he is uncorrected.

The AHP of the upper one is more internal, more concealed and intangible, but much more powerful and infinitely bigger than the lower one. That is why the only thing that AHP of the upper one feels and takes from the Galgalta Eynaim of the lower one is the plea, MAN that is contained there.

The Galgalta Eynaim of the lower one cannot ask for anything on their own because they are desires of bestowal. But the AHP of the lower one conveys its plea to them, the desire to be born from the informational data (Reshimot). This desire influences the AHP of the upper one and the latter feels this request, which is called MAN, and raises it upwards, into its Galgalta Eynaim.

In response to the prayer, Galgalta Eynaim of the upper one attract the Light that comes through them into the AHP of the upper one, then into Galgalta Eynaim of the lower one, and finally into the AHP of the lower one in order to correct its Reshimot and revive this AHP, bringing it to life.

The only thing we lack is the plea for correction, a MAN. Nothing can be attained without it.

A MAN is raised by someone who intends to receive for the sake of bestowal. This request is raised at every moment and is constantly renewed. One action immediately follows another. In spirituality there is no emptiness or gap between actions. If any period of time has gone by in waste, without a plea for correction, then it is a transgression, Klipa.

In the spiritual world there is no physical notion of time that moves by itself. If I perceive every moment of my life as an expression of the AHP of the upper one and desire to adhere to Him in order to reveal the Creator, who is good and does only good, that means I look for contact between my bestowing desires (Galgalta Eynaim) and the AHP of the upper one.

The moment I start relating to Him correctly, I will see that He is not concealed, but is revealed to me and shines upon me!
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/27/11, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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