Where Can You “Buy” Aspiration?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen reading The Zohar we have to focus on the connection between the souls because that is exactly where the breaking occurred. We have to imagine the corrected state in which we attain unity among the souls.

The souls are the aspirations to reveal the Creator. Every person who has this aspiration has to desire to increase it by connecting with others. Then he receives the same aspiration from them, and that way he grows.

It is known that with the help of hatred, passion, and the lust for power, we can be impressed by the friends’ aspiration to unite with the Creator, to reveal Him. This is exactly what we want to “buy” from them.

Therefore, during the study each of us desires to attach to himself the group’s entire aspiration to reveal the Creator. This is possible only in the unity between us. After all, I cannot steal a friend’s aspiration. But if I connect with him, then each of us already has the common force. And then, once we combine enough forces, each of us can attain the revelation of the Creator.

However, a connection between us cannot emerge only because I want to unite with my friend’s aspiration. I do not have the strength to connect with him. I need the Light to perform this action.

We are in a broken state where there is no connection among us. I want this connection to emerge, and then with the common force, I attain revelation. This is what we have to think about while reading The Book of Zohar. Everything we study in The Zohar are just corrected forms of connection among us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/11, The Zohar

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