So The World Would Be Created For Me….

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does my intention depend on the intention of the entire environment and the intention of the environment on my intention?

Answer: Definitely! It says in Shamati #225: One cannot raise oneself above one’s circle. Hence, [if one wishes to advance] one must suck from one’s environment. And one has no other counsel, except through much work and Torah. Therefore, if one chooses for oneself a good environment, one saves time and efforts, since one is drawn according to one’s environment.

This is clear. If I receive energy from the environment—and the fact is that I receive everything in order to ascend from it—then I will ascend only inasmuch as I receive from them. I cannot be above this level.

Question: How can I see my environment as great if I do not see my friends as great?

Answer: Therein lies the entire problem. Who do you consider great? There is no one great in your world. Meaning, the world was not created for you. Then what means will you use to advance? The Creator is concealed. The environment is small. You have no one to advance toward and you are alone in the whole world. That is how you feel.

In principle, everyone feels this way and this is what we have to change.

From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/11, The Zohar

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  1. Hi rav,

    I sacrificed – not willingly of course – the 5 hours morning ulpan because of the 2nd and third part of the lesson. Its a shame but I regret nothing. The gevura was on my head so strongly that I could not stand but sleep. Great lessons on the commandments: the kli, the temple, the fear, the love, the unification of love and fear in Him as the six first word of the shma.

    Thats the way. I listen closely to every word of your teaching. However as long as my intention remains in that current aviut there is nothing much I am be able to do, further. Beside living within the kavana or seeing from aside. ( Except enthusiasm that rise and fall.)

    I am confident. Totally ignorant but confident. Also I dont ask much questions becausewhat you say, or what is red by the friends, or the questions being asked by the friends, it is rather clear in terms of sensations, or, considering tes, it is a remedy whom sensations may reveal in severall weeks or months as usual, in conjonction with other lessons.

    Of course I am sucking from the environment and not giving much. I do realize that. It is an issue I am not able to solve yet. Please know that I am aware of it but as for now totally overflown with this new life, like a ship in a tremendous, yet very good, tempest.

    kol tuv rav, friends ve kol ve kol

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