It Won’t Help Us To Play Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do we have to study to attract the upper Light? Why can’t the Light influence us while working in the group the way it influences a child while he’s playing? Why isn’t it enough for us to play the game of “love for friends” in order to attain that love?

Answer: During the study we try to unite together and we definitely need the Light to develop us. This Light does not come by us just trying to unite together. It has to come to us from the upper world, from the higher state or level.

We do not grow like animals, meaning, we do not grow on the same level. A small child that wants to get older only grows inside his ego, without transforming it “for the sake of bestowal.” He just becomes a more grown-up animal.

But in our spiritual work, at every level we turn our ego to bestowal and that is why we need the Light that Reforms. Therefore, it’s not enough for us to “play” in the group in order to attain love for friends because this love is opposite to our nature. I play love, but by doing that I won’t reach it.

If people wish to unite in order to attain the egoistic goal that our ego understands, such as to win or earn, then they don’t have any problem uniting. But if we have to change our nature, then our ego doesn’t understand why it’s necessary to unite with others, and that’s why we are unable to do so. I hear many complaints. People come to us and perplexedly ask, “These are the relationships that you, Kabbalists have?! But there has to be infinite love here! And instead, look at what’s happening here!” People from outside don’t get it.

If you enter any external society that has a clear egoistic goal, you will see that they are united together because they understand that together they can attain the goal, such as succeeding at some business or building a house. But we cannot unite because unity between us is possible only by breaking the ego, while in the external society it happens by increasing the ego.

That is why we have to additionally evoke the Light that Reforms. Only the Light’s influence can unite us. We can only reveal hatred among us. In the external society, which is united by the egoistic goal, people reveal love among them, whereas we reveal hatred. This is called “Mount Sinai”—the mountain of hatred. Then we will need the Torah—the Light that Reforms because we can only unite with its help.

That is why only hatred becomes revealed in a real group of Kabbalists, and then they have to study in order to attract the Light that will unite them. But the Light unites them only for a moment, and then they reveal hatred once again in order for them to advance further by attracting the Light to them. And that is how they constantly have to attract the Light since otherwise they become immersed in hatred. Hatred is their ego, “help against them,” helping them to advance in this way.

That is why we need the group and we have to try to unite together even though it is clear to us that we won’t attain it on our own. Yet we must try not to hang our heads in the face of this game. And we have to study together in order to attract the Light that Reforms because it has to perform this revolution inside us, since we won’t unite without acquiring the quality of bestowal.

External societies unite egoistically, whereas we unite only by virtue of mutual spiritual bestowal. If the Light influences us and unites us with one another, then in the common Kli between us, we will immediately reveal the Creator. The common force that will become revealed among us is the Creator. Then our desire to enjoy will turn into the desire to bestow.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/15/11, Writings of Rabash

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  1. After the hatred has been revealed in a new group and broke it apart, how long should the group members wait before trying to unite again? Should they force themselves to sit together, even though they’re not really willing to do so? Or should they let the Light that Reforms work on them until a real desire for unity emerge?

  2. What is created in the process of development, the literal de-velopment of klipot around the Neshammah,.can one experience as an constant softening of the creature who under goes this in his/her practical life process. So in other words, through time, we see the sharp corners of our ego’s disappearing as snow for the sun .Sometimes the melting stops and there is no other way than to sit back in that icy feeling.To realise there is still so much to let melt down. But one thing shouldn stop;’the yearning. To yearn for that what we know is Truth, the creator who placed us with his Holy Love in this position. To think we could create this situation is allready pomping up our ego’s more and can be even seen as avoda zara on our selfs, G’d forbid.

    Is this the proces we are hearing about over and over again? Perhaps …. Continuous changes take place, virtually unnoticed, but it is happening. Is this the Shma, the wanting to here His Shma, is our inner ear opend from time to time?

    The mildness to ourselves and to the so-called, “others”. Changes in more harmonieus attitudes. Perhaps now more structured and cleaving on as little magnets firmly embrasing and intertwining with the brain- memory , our reshimot ,and be used effectivly in our daily lives. We notice that the puzzel falls eaysier in the wright place.. And when the cat comes along and sweeps the pieces off the table with his tale , we simply pick them up again. , Put them in the box, and wait until the time comes for another attempt. The impatient attituds we can have to these kind of “obstacles”,are relaxing more and more.

    I hope I understood the Rav wright in his words, when he, the Rav said, that in the face of suchs a recognition, there is Space,Attraction, Love, created through the Light for the Light, in that precious point in our harts where we deep down want nothing else than that. Choice can be seen as an not existing matter, It gives perhaps an other dent in our ego to realise that, but hopefully also a smile, that is what I use to do.

    There is no choice. All the hells we where aloud to see in this earthly place, show them selfs worthwhile. The desire to transform itself shows itself sooner, because the recognision starts to be showen in splits of seconds.

    We should never, ever give up hope in this Royal lerning!

    It shows itself indeed in a Hassidic dance. Especially in the “bottle dance”; the feet dancing through the dust and mud of the earth and the Rosh straight on top. The vertebale column forced, so to speak, by the spiritual work of man through the dust, in a straight upword line, carring the Keter .

    . Please God, give mankind and everything alive, in our days your Loving Light that Zohar Awareness to dance for you this dance day by bay.


    Esther Roos – Shalem

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