Forward – Toward An Unlimited Mind!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What opportunities does an unlimited mind open up for us?

Answer: I begin to perceive creation to the depth of my matter. If I look at matter without my brain’s participation, then I only see how it appears externally. But with the help of the mind I can penetrate inside matter and see increasingly deeper roots of it until I attain the plan of creation.

I go through matter until the very root that gave rise to it, until the Creator, until the plan of creation. I attain: Why was it born and what is its function from the beginning of creation until the present moment? And when I come back, I attain the end of creation because the beginning and end are in one place.

It turns out that the process I go through is the acquisition of a mind. Therefore, when acquiring 125 spiritual levels, I acquire my mind. That is why this acquisition is 620 times greater than acquiring a mind inside the will to receive.
From the lecture in “Kabbalah L’Am” Hall on 1/25/11

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  1. It seems that whether seen as 125 steps, or 620 commandments (or 125 steps of 620 commandents), nonetheless, aren’t these what takes us up to the level of Tikun where, as a final door up from a basement, the infinite “outdoors” opens up. Why do we say that the aquisition from a Point to the World of Infinity is a 620 times or 125 times greater acquisition? Is it not, in fact, and infinitely greater acquisition?

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