Don’t Lose The Time You Have Been Given

Dr. Michael LaitmanHumanity has no choice: It will have to reveal its breaking and the need to connect. Back in the 30s Baal HaSulam warned that a catastrophe was approaching, but no one listened to him. I do not want to scare anyone with any prophecies, but we see what kind of state the world is in.

For now we are given time to seriously treat our mission and organize the world’s correction. But if we don’t do this, then all of the world’s suffering will come crashing down upon us, on the people who are capable of making corrections. But if we do not correct the world, then the suffering is transferred to us because what is everyone else guilty of if they don’t have the means to correct themselves? If you don’t hurry up with your correction, then the blow will shift to you.

However, for now you are looking at how they are suffering and you aren’t worried very much. Yet if you don’t even feel their suffering as your own, at least, and don’t correct yourself as if you are suffering as the whole world, then you don’t have a chance to attain correction. Only the group can give you this necessity.

The Book of Zohar has been revealed in our days in order to pull the world out of the abyss it is sliding into. The world is like a car that is riding down a good road, not even suspecting that somewhere behind the bend, the road ends and it will fall of the cliff.

And even the world itself already understands that it is sliding down into an abyss. The problems are mounting like a snowball and everyone is already talking about the fact that the world has lost balance. Yesterday I head that the Minister of the Russian Federation on Emergency Situations said that we are in imbalance with nature, that we have lost balance with it and have to get ready for the consequences. He really was using the words of a real Kabbalist….

We, those who have received a desire for the Creator (Isra-El), are now being given precisely the opportunity to organize the world’s correction and take all of its problems upon us. Without waiting for them to come on their own, we will already have the forces to correct them. We can correct them precisely now, while they are still somewhere in the external world, and we take them upon ourselves.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/13/11, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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