“Do His Will As Your Own”

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to evoke a lack of fulfillment in the upper Partzuf. Only then, on our desire, will it perform a Zivug (union) with its upper ones up to the world of Infinity and will bring the Light that will beget, correct, and fulfill us. If you cannot awaken the upper one and stir up the desire in it, you will not merit any change.

We study in the wisdom of Kabbalah how to ask the upper Partzuf. Therefore, you may scream, jump, do whatever you please, it won’t help. “My sons defeated Me” means that “the sons” force the Creator to reform them.

What else can you do if everything descends from Above due to the prior awakening below? You don’t know what the upper Partzuf is doing, nor does it interest you what actions it performs. What you are interested in is how you can make it work.

In other words, you must understand how to ask correctly. This means that in any case, you have to know what the upper one is going to do with you, or you will be asking it not what it desires to do. He wants to give you a glass of milk, but you want to ask for a glass of juice. In this case, he can’t hear and doesn’t understand you. He knows that at the moment, you need a glass of milk, exactly that, and in a specific amount.

“Do His will and your own” means that this is what you must learn, and to achieve this, you need faith above reason. You must study all the disturbances that the upper one instills in you, all the “bad” states, all the so-called declines that it uses to provoke you. If you analyze correctly and rise above them by way of faith above reason, you will be certain to know what the upper one wants from you, ask exactly that, and receive it.

All that I feel right now, if I pay attention to it, is what the upper one wants me to ask from it. The upper one wants me to turn to it, but it doesn’t instill this desire in me directly since it wishes me to attain it so I may become as the upper one is, so I may become wise.

How do we teach children? We offer them problematic situations, but do not provide solutions. We gradually guide them to develop an ability to think, understand, discover, and want to find a solution on their own. This is the same as the upper one does with us. Every moment of our life is a mere hint, a sign that it is giving us so that we will know what to ask for, what is worth asking for, and in what form we should do it.

It’s all about creating our MAN (Mayin Nukvin), a plea, a prayer. If we pay attention to it, then we have an open book before us. Next time, I will turn to the upper one with a correct request. What happens after that, I don’t know.

Kabbalists tell us about it so as to bring us closer to our roots. We study Atik, Arich Anpin, the world of Infinity, and so on. Why do I need to know all this?

Let’s say, the only thing that interests me is my connection with my mother, but what happens beyond that, supermarkets or factories that produce things, none of it matters to me at all. I only yell, “Mom, give me candy!” However, in the future, you must become an adult. You must understand things and take part in them in some way.

Therefore, we are so eager to fill little children with all types of knowledge so that they may know and understand as much as possible. In order for a child to not just ask, but also understand why and what for, you explain to him or her that this is okay, but that it is not okay at the moment because he or she shouldn’t be eating sweets before dinner. You explain to a child much more than what he or she is asking for, and that is a relationship we share with the upper one.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/6/2011, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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