Women’s Participation Is Crucial

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the realization of evil occurs due to the lack of unity, then how does a woman experience this realization if she doesn’t do any practical work in uniting? How exactly should she feel unity?

Answer: This is just like within a family. How can you explain the entire family life in detail and what the relationship between the husband and wife means?

A man and a woman are two images that compose all of humanity, and together they have to create the image of a single soul. This is why the group must consist of male and female parts which have to unite with each other in their work and mutual support.

There should never be any insistence if a husband or a wife does not wish to partake in this. There is no coercion is spirituality, therefore, there shouldn’t be any pressure. But in the group the mutual help from both sides should resemble simple family dynamics.

Without women it’s impossible to advance because they are the carriers of natural desire and, therefore, are closer to nature. Without men it’s also impossible to advance since they’re the conductors of this upper energy that’s passed on to the female part. It means that we depend upon each other in our spiritual development just as we do in our corporeal life.

Our connection in the group should be like a connection in the correct family unit, where we complete each other. We already see families in all parts of the world where the wife, the kids, and the husband are all taking part in this process. We’re organizing virtual schools.

I would like for the women to be a lot more active. I don’t understand why the women’s part of the groups suddenly quiets down, becomes less active, and exists along with the men but slightly beneath them. I don’t understand this.

I have many women helping me with translations and with processing the materials. I have more faith in them then I do in men because women are more devoted to their work and they won’t let you down. For this reason the women’s group should be “heard” more.
From Lesson 3 in Moscow 1/16/2011

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  1. Such power they have, being suppressed for so long. The most powerful of this generation will likely be women, finally freed from a severe imbalance that has existed for millennia. The furious passion of such creatures! Nothing in the world is more interesting than them (to us perhaps as men). The final correction consists of the back step from eden to the creator. Transcendent of gender to become unified as conscious beings first, men and women second. Nothing lost of course, but the upper Y, the split in the heavens and eden, is the greatest perpetuation of evil in the entire world. Unity between them, above them, will be the most glorious accomplishment. Not neutered, but coupled, oh what a sexy time that will be (:

    Notice if you will my friend, THERE IS NO WORD FOR HUMANITY without gener imbalance, Hue-MANity, MANkind, there is no male + female. No term for this unity, it has not been conceived of! Perhaps this is English though…Let us buidl such a word…man and woman is not balanced, male and female is the same…perhaps mother and father? ther is in common so the split is Mo and Fa. Those sound balanced no? None eating the other as in feMALE and MALE. Famoity? Hue-famo-ity? All the hues of the famos. hmm…thoughts?

  2. I’ve heard it said that men need to be married, but what about women? Particularly if women are middle aged and haven’t found a marriage partner yet, are they lost in the path of spirituality without the partner to help lead the way?

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