On Russia’s Spiritual Rebirth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Some ten to fifteen years ago, a question was raised about Russia’s national cause, the program of rebirth. It has quietly disappeared and was replaced with a spiritual void. How do you see Russia’s national cause, the program of its development?

Answer: Over the course of these years I have met with many people, cabinet members, mass media, and I have spoken a lot. I was hoping to find a response specifically in Russia. First of all, it’s because I have traveled around the world and through all of my students around the world, I feel the soul of every nation. And I have never seen anywhere else the same response and aspiration for truth like previously in Russia.

There was a national cause. I was hoping that this national cause would serve as the basis for showing how it needs to be realized. In other words, some time ago (I am emphasizing some time ago), the desire of the Russian people was to show to the entire world that they have a soul, a purpose, and that this purpose is above pragmatism, above one’s pocket and other materialistic interests, that they have something ahead of them, something for mankind to follow. It was really like this until year 1995 or 2000.

Lately when I begin to speak to people about this and continue to develop the same ideas, regrettably, people seem to laugh at me and speak to me as if to a child. They say that all of this is in the past and think that there is nothing to discuss there. Unfortunately, I see that this cause has simply died.

But I do not think that this is possible. I think that people are simply suppressed, and eventually it will be possible to resurrect it because this inner request needs to exist among the people. I hope that it will manifest. But currently there is simply no one to speak to.

Back then I also met with very influential people and spoke to them about the things that can be done. I warned them: Look what is written in Kabbalah, a science of general nature and its development, look where we are heading. Essentially, everything happened the way I said it would happen: the financial crisis, and so on.

I do not want to be a prophet, but this obviously and naturally comes from the egoistic curve that keeps developing. But I heard a very simple answer: “We have money and an army. If we can change something using these two things, then we are ready to listen. We do not have anything else.” From the government’s point of view this is the truth; every country says the same.

But I continue to think that the world is still to be well shaken up, we cannot avoid it. And then everything that is now stagnant will get agitated, and it will be possible to speak about bringing this cause back. But this cause must be based on similarity to nature; it cannot be some made-up idea forced onto people, like the Bolsheviks did.

When you work together with nature, you do not make mistakes. You can be going ahead of it or trying to catch up. But when you go with it in unison, this becomes the best and most comfortable social development. But when you go along with it knowing the formula of its development, what it demands of you, then you completely protect yourself from any catastrophes and even any negative influence. In other words, there will not be any illnesses, large epidemics, earthquakes, or fires, there will not be anything. You simply exist comfortably.

And you suddenly begin to feel that all your actions in the world bring you five hundred, a thousand times more benefit than today. This is simply because nature seems to favor you; you are properly going along with it. This is the only thing Kabbalah reveals: the formula of human development that we must follow together. In other words, one can either develop under nature’s steamroller which rolls over us and develops us in spite our egoism, or if we choose to go with it, this will be an easy and pleasant development.

I do not see another force in the world like the force that the Russian people have in their character, their aspiration to have a cause, live for it, even suffer in its name, as long as it is a real cause. And this is why I still think that this movement comes from the inside, this request is still to arise and it will be possible to properly realize it. And then you will really become teachers of the masses who will simply want to find out about the world they live in. It will be possible to tell them about it, show it to them, reveal it, and in this way reach the state where the entire world will be kind as nature requires us to be.

I think that this will happen. I think that it will not take long, judging by the rate of development, the events around the world, it will quickly make us come to our senses.
From Lesson 3 in Moscow 1/16/2011

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  1. Communism fails as it was only the future. Capitalism fails as it is only the past. Truth acknowledges that we are both, and thus has fuel with purpose. This is critical, as the two mentioned imperfect forms do not address the entire picture, but a part. They are opposed as reflections. The unity is truth. The truth is self interest without collective interest is a virus. Collective interest without self interest is a machine. Both are wrong, as so above, so below. The inner world of cells is just like the outer world of people. Alpha and omega. The TRUTH is the solution…as usual 🙂

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