Examples Of “Faith Above Reason”

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe following examples of “faith above reason” were submitted by the Moscow group:

1) When Windows or any other program has an update and the program asks whether to update now or later, we are consumed by reception for our own sake. More often than not, we are unable to pull ourselves away from supposedly important work and press the button “remind me later.” The accumulation of postponed updates can lead to discrepancies with the central server to a point where a program or even the entire computer system could be lost.

2) Those who drive motorcycles know that in order to smoothly make a sharp turn, it’s necessary to constantly keep your eyes on the very end of the turn since that is precisely where we see the point of deliverance. In other words, as we learn in Kabbalah, we begin to receive pleasure from the change of states itself (the speed of passing states). The fulfillment of the scenes does not make a difference since they become slurred, and it is impossible to make out anything on them (the bad and the good alike). The most important thing is not to rewind and not to enter a scene (state, other gods).

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