Don’t Miss Your Chance!

Dr. Michael LaitmanI have strong hopes that you will understand what the spiritual stimulator that we want to build is. The group is something extremely vague, unknown, and elusive; it’s as if it is hanging in the air somewhere. Meanwhile, the stimulator is a very tangible place on the Internet where questions, answers, aspirations, goals, and clarifications are concentrated. You can think of it as a third party. For the time being, this kind of attitude toward the group, the soul, the spiritual world, and the Creator is more understandable to us.

The spiritual world is revealed in our connection, in the network that connects us. This is why we have to build this space on the Internet so that it will connect us. Think that it’s a connection between us, and give more strength to it every time. Everyone can enjoy great impressions and inspiration by taking part in it because it is less obscure and a more tangible environment that one can actually “touch.”

Today people live on the Internet and reveal the whole world of senses and a new dimension there instead of in our material life. If we attain the state in which the group influences and awakens us through this stimulator, then we won’t miss a single moment in spiritual advancement.

It may be that a person’s entire life is just one moment which can remain unfinished. This is because a moment begins from Above and is finished by us below. The Creator awakens a person and he has to react. If he responds to the proposition of getting closer, then the moment is finished and the next one begins.

Life is composed of such moments; they make up our advancement and determine how much we will achieve during this life-cycle. However, if the person does not respond, a moment never finishes…Seize the moment!

From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/13/10, Baal HaSulam’s Letter 18

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  1. Dear Rav, I think that the reason why most of the kli is not participating in the simulator, is because we receive 20-30 emails every day,ranging from bb today, to intentions, postings, blogs, shareflows, and different materials that well intentioned friends send around. Maybe if you ordered the Kli to use the postings and articles of the day and other inspirational material for external dissemination purposes, and concentrate on the stimulator for our internal work, we have a chance at getting people to participate.

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