The Revelation Of The Creator Is An “Upgrade” Of Creation’s Program

prophet_thumb.jpgA question I received: What is “the revelation of the Creator to creation?”

My Answer: It means that creation, the desire to enjoy, acquires the quality of the Creator, who is Bestowing. When creation attains this goal, it acquires the force, desire and intention, which is overall called “bestowal.” That is the meaning of the creation revealing the Creator.

The revelation of the Creator, the quality of bestowal, takes place inside of creation. It means that creation receives a new program of governance, a new program that sets it in motion. Previously its desire to enjoy was driven by pleasures it felt within, in the present or the future. But now its desire to enjoy is controlled by pleasures that it feels and reveals inside others.

This is called the revelation of the Creator inside creation. The objective of the science of Kabbalah is to facilitate this revelation, to upgrade our inner program (the program that governs our desire and our matter) from reception to bestowal. The revelation of the quality of bestowal inside man is called the revelation of the Creator.

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