If You Want Freedom, Rise to the Creator’s Level

We Are In the Center of All the WorldsA question I received: Why doesn’t the Creator awaken all the souls simultaneously and give everyone equal freedom of choice?

My Answer: Every soul receives freedom of choice according to its root. When each person corrects himself, he will see that he has nothing to complain about and that everyone is equal in the general corrected system of souls.

However, everyone differs by their individual correction; some souls are higher and others are lower. However, all the differences fade when everyone unites in love and mutual bestowal at the end of correction. In the meantime, however, during the process of advancement, there are differences between us, and they are necessary because there would be no movement otherwise.

Creation advances because people build a higher system within. We build our similarity to the Creator, and this can only be done as long as there is a difference among the inner parts, the souls.

The Creator created 613 desires with the help of 613 Lights. This means that right from the start, creation includes a multitude of different qualities. Otherwise, inside our egoistic material, it would be impossible for us to attain bestowal, love, and a feeling that the Creator’s quality is important.

At the end of correction, we will connect all the individual souls or qualities, and we will then reveal one perfect system – the Creator (HaVaYaH). However, the reason we are able to attain this one system is precisely in virtue of all the numerous clarifications that led up to it.

Within this One, there are no longer any differences between the parts of Malchut. The differences were necessary only to comprehend Him and become like Him.

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