The Key To Balance Is In Man’s Hands

adviceAll of reality is in balance, and only man breaks this balance with his egoistic force, causing many problems. All of nature strives for homeostasis. This is the general law of the universe. All opposite forces have to be balanced at all times.

The Light and Kli will always be together and opposite to one another. And a person has to be in the middle line. The is the condition for perfect existence. The farther away you are from the middle line, the more you will suffer as you keep developing. And the suffering will force you to find a solution – the middle line, the correct balance between two opposites.

A person shouldn’t try to destroy one thing for the sake of another, because there is nothing in the world that was created in vain. There is a place for everything. So, don’t try to correct the nature around you. Correct only yourself, because you have to bring yourself to balance with nature.

Besides you, there is no one else lacking balance. After all, nature is structured such that all others instinctively follow the law of balance. This was arranged on purpose, in order for you to use your free choice to correct yourself and bring yourself to balance – to a connection with other souls and the Creator.

However, you cannot do this on your own. You only have to demand for this to happen, for the Light to come and bring you back to this connection.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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