Publication Of My Interview For Madrid’s EFE News Agency

A number of Spanish language newspapers published an article about my recent interview with EFE News Agency in Madrid. The title of the article is, “True Kabbalah Isn’t Madonna.” Here is the article as it appears in El Periódico de México:


In the interview, I spoke about the origin of Kabbalah, Kabbalah as the means for exiting the world crisis, information about Kabbalah Congresses and the content of the press conferences held in Madrid, Buenos Aires and Turkey.

Here is a partial list of the news agencies that published the article: El Periódico de México (Мехico), La Vanguardia (Columbia), La Razón (Spain), El Economista (Spain), La Voz Digital (Spain), La Región (Spain), Atlántico (Spain), La Prensa (Spain), ADN (Spain).

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