Even A Kabbalist Has To Take Part In “The Theater Of Life”

playingIt is impossible to divide the worlds. Our world, in which we exist, is the last level of all the worlds, and we have to remain at this level until the very end of correction. We must only correct our attitude to it, and then our proper attitude on the level of this world, together with our proper attitude on the level of the spiritual world, will turn us into human beings.

Therefore, we cannot just leave this world and “go away” to a monastery. We cannot just pray from dawn ‘till dusk and shut ourselves off from society. Rather, we have to work and study, have a family, get married and take care of our children. A person has to be part of all the systems that are customary for his age group and time period.

Without this, it would be impossible to advance. The Kabbalists of the past did not even accept students until they were married. My teacher Rabash did not let anyone who was unemployed study with him. And it doesn’t matter how much money a person has; he still has to work and stay busy. He has to have all the regular family problems, just like the average person, and be able to put food on the table for his family.

If a person refuses to take part in this entire “theater of life,” then he does not advance in the spiritual world. After all, this is all a single system. We must live in both worlds simultaneously.

Nothing was created in vain. It seems to us that this world develops independently of us, starting from the Big Bang and going through the entire evolutionary process, while our spiritual development happens separately. But in fact, this is all a single system, which is only divided in our perception. Our perception of reality depicts things in the material world as divided into the still, vegetative, animate and human levels, and it also divides the spiritual world into the same levels.

However, this division exists only inside us, while the only thing that exists outside is the Upper Light and our desires. Meanwhile, we perceive the connection between the Light and the desire on two levels. Therefore, it is impossible to separate and discard half of my Kli, since it is the foundation on which I stand. For this reason, every person must take care of his regular life.

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  1. I’m very happy to enjoy the Kabbalah.
    I have question:
    How the Kabbalah see the relation between the spiritual world and our genetic line?
    Is it really necessary to find our racines, and what this have do to with us?
    I just look at this because I think that I am probably Jewish, because my family went out of Spain in the time of the Inquisitions Brazil. We lived with the inquisition for almost two hundreds years. My family lost complete de relation with the language, customs and religion from Israel just because they wanted to stay in life.
    I know my roots are Jewish by search in the organization ABRADIM, but I don’t know what is the importance of my roots in relation with the Kabbalah
    Can you please inform me about this?
    Thank you in advance.

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