A Guide To The Movie Called “Life”

Separate the Truth from the LiesI am a vessel of perception, into which the Light enters. My perception is comprised of five parts or desires. In one desire, I sense my inner essence – my “I,” the human being within me; in another desire I sense my body – the animate part of me; in the third desire I sense all that is close to me; in the fourth desire I sense my environment – society, humankind, nature; and in the fifth desire I sense something even more exalted and distant from me.

Everything depends on the desire – how close it is to me and how the Light affects it. The impressions from all the desires are then gathered and projected onto a screen in my mind, where this whole picture is shown to me.

The difference between this and a movie is that I actually live my life on this screen. This movie is my life and my perception of reality.

The corporeal perception just described does not differ from the spiritual one, where you also have a screen that is influenced by forces, which paint the picture of the spiritual world for you. The difference is that unlike the spiritual world, in this world I am not aware of and do not participate in the creation of this picture of the world inside of me.

However, when I exist in the spiritual world, I “create” the movie by changing my qualities. This movie will be played inside me depending on my connection to the Upper Force, the projector. The degree of this connection is my ability to launch the playback.

Our goal is to make the perfect movie, which will reveal the complete connection and love between you and the Creator.
(From Part 2 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, on “The Study of the Ten Sefirot”)


  1. Perhaps another way to look at this is that as one recognizes that the Creator is the screenwrite, director and producer of the movie, instead of “changing one’s qualities,” the mere recognition that there is a movie and not what we had previously considered to be “real life” makes us love the Creator for casting us as the lead character in our movie on the one hand, and it likewise motivates us to stop trying to write the script. Instead, we can become more adept actors and make the movie better by realizing our role is to act in the movie the Creator is writing, producing and directing; and we will then enjoy the movie that much more (since the entire movie is made exclusively for our private viewing anyway).

  2. Trough this life movie,rav Laitman is my hero,if you don`t mind

  3. If I understand what you are expressing then I must enter the spiritual world in my dreams. My qualities constantly change in my dreams from person to person, man to woman, child to adult and, animal to man. My dreams affect my reality from when I wake up each morning as each morning I change and mold myself into a new person because of how my perception changed in my dreams.

    I would have to disagree with you about the blind not seeing 99.9%, statistically speaking, the blind would not be able to see 99.8% due to their free will in their environment. It’s a question of nature versus nurture.

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